Christian Education Europe is playing a significant role in the lives of many hundreds of families through the support of Christian schools and homeschools. Support in edification, education and encouragement is enabling parents to bring up their children in a way that is in tune with the word of God, the Bible.

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Our purpose is to promote Biblical Christian education in the United Kingdom and Europe. We believe this Biblical Christian education, at school or at home, to be the best form of education.

By strengthening and supporting families, we help to strengthen marriages, children, the local church, the local community and ultimately the nations of the world. We help churches and other groups of Christians set up and maintain successful, firmly established Christian schools,
and larger home schools.

Although Christian Education Europe is a limited company all charges are set low to keep access as wide as possible whilst covering costs.
We provide many services, products (including a wide range of DVD), publications as well as giving active encouragement and advice.