Schools on Track


photo-1461896836934-ffe607ba8211Schools on Track is a course providing training, inspiration and networking that will equip you to launch your Christian school.
From initial setup to supplying materials, assistance and training, we aim to support you as you raise standards. The purpose of SOT is to give anyone who feels the call to Christian Education a clear track to run on when it comes to opening a school. The volume of material is immense, but the goal of this ingenious course is to be a first step that will give the attendees clarity on what is required and then a step-by-step plan to follow until they are ready to open their own Christian school. One question that comes up is, “Is it possible to run a Christian school with the ACE curriculum whilst giving students the very best start as well as fulfilling the government regulations?” The answer is a resounding “Yes.” Every ACE school has to comply fully with all regulations and pass Ofsted inspections, whilst our alumni is a very impressive company of university graduates, business professionals, missionaries et al. We believe that people are called to start Christian schools, and our desire here at CEE is to guard those small beginnings until they flourish into the full vision that the Lord intends. For more information or to register for the next course, please email