Influencing and Implementing


When we understand the difference between leadership and management it can transform our schools and families.

Leadership is in its essence influence, it is not coercion or control, but an entirely positive influence on the lives of others. Leadership is also about vision and values, and to develop these in the lives of others will be both kind and candid.

Management is vital within any organisation, it is the implementation of the vision. Good management develops systems that a well lead team can run to progress the organisation and the people in it.

Those that brought you the Model Online Document (MOD) and Model Afternoon Curriculum (MAC) have now developed the Governors Annual Timetable (GAT) (more outstanding acronyms from CEE!). The Governors Annual Timetable gives busy, visionary governors a track to run on that will enable their leadership to add significant and measurable value to the life of our schools in a practical form.