Children and Technology


As the whole world immerses itself deeper and deeper into the digital age, questions are being asked as to what level of interaction with technology is suitable for young children. One group of independent schools in London have this year been targeted by the media for their “traditional” approach to education. “Our starting point is a curriculum based on the child and their developmental needs,” states founding director Andrew Thorne.

“Our emphasis is on developing the basics of education first: on the production of work that is beautiful and compelling to the child and teacher, working primarily with paper, paints, pencils, crayons and pens. From this, children learn deep concentration, craftsmanship, attention to detail and integrity…when a child reaches 14 they are then, in our view, in a position to use a computer or calculator to aid their studies.” 1

It’s good to know that we can share some aspects of an educational philosophy with other educators who are also in the limelight! A.C.E. continues to focus on providing a programme that is suited to the individual, and its methodology continues to develop well-balanced, character-filled, and technologically-savvy graduates worldwide!