A Child’s Walk in Character


One of the most often lauded aspects of the A.C.E. curriculum is the emphasis on character, and yet simultaneously, one of the vehicles for teaching character, the comic strips, is often derided. I was speaking to someone about this recently and when asked to provide an example of how the comics had positively affected my character, I immediately thought of this, fairly innocuous comic shown above.
I remember this comic especially because ever since reading it, I’ve always been very aware of which way the pans are facing on the cooker, and to this day, if a handle is sticking out, I must make sure they’re safely positioned! How about that for an impact!
The best part? The above comic is taken from English PACE 33, which meansI probably studied around twenty years ago, and yet I could still remember it as if it were yesterday! So let that be a lesson to the scoffers. Comics and character, it’s a match made in heaven!